Introducing Suite Financial:

A financial marketing firm with a suite of services

Double your financial business, firm, fintech, or finpub with us

We build out new offers, creative and funnels on-time or it's free.

Work with a marketing firm that only specializes in the financial space and understands the compliance behind your business.

We guarantee the work gets done on time. Or, it's free.

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Suite Fin Successes in Financial Space

Came onboard with a financial publishing company with no internal marketing team. Built all new funnels, recruited team members, launched nearly a dozen new products. Company 5X’d in 3 years and sold company for 8-figures.
A client's cart value for 22 years was MAX $80/lead. In one week, got it to $150/lead.
Launched new financial service promotion into October 2022 bear market, generated thousands of customers. One renowned financial marketer called it “the best promotion of 2022.”
Produced video commercial for struggling offer that achieved the highest conversion rate in its history.
Launched short infomercial video for fintech struggling to acquire users. Was the highest converting effort in their history.
Direct Mail campaign for real estate services produced over 7-figures in closed deals in 8 months.
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The Suite of Services Suite Fin Provides:

Web design/Landingpages
Media buying on Google and social networks
Market Research
Investor Presentations
Fractional CMO
Video production & scripts
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Why Suite Fin is right for your financial business

Since our only business is financial...


Your compliance to keep the FTC from being annoying
Your target  customer as we talk to them daily
Your products & are excited about them as we use them or similar ones

Look, we’re shocked there aren’t more marketing firms out there specializing in the financial sector. Your financial biz is not the same as a Super Bowl Cheetos commercial. It’s way different.

Unfortunately, most marketing firms and ad agencies chase those shiny objects and cheap awards.  

We couldn’t give a poo about awards or “will my mom see my work on TV.” We’re in this business to attract customers who want to buy financial products and give confidence to investors looking to place money. That’s what gets our juices pumping. After all, it makes the flippin’ economy go.


Who can increase their business the fastest with Suite Fin

Financial publishers
Financial service providers
Fintech co.
Hedge Funds
Real estate investments
Companies looking for stock marketing
Fund managers

Who we CANNOT help

Individual solopreneur CFPs/CFAs
Payday loan businesses
Debt relief providers
Tax relief services
CPA Firms

4 Step Process to Our Continuing Success

Big Idea
Building the right offer
Finding the right audience
Iterate the shizzle out of it until it works
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Meet the Founder

Joe Cassandra

Joe is a serial entrepreneur who’s built companies across finance, real estate, and retail.

His first foray into financial marketing was when he was an accountant at a CPA firm.

Not being great at accounting, he decided to take a stab in the dark at marketing. In a weekend, he coded a website in Wordpress to attract more clients to the firm.

By Monday, he was an inch from being fired. Not long after, he quit (even with a newborn) to build his first financial marketing company as a solo copywriter.

Built into multiple 6-figures and selling millions for clients, he went on to have 3 more kids.

Then, in 2022, as markets hit a downturn, and ‘bad actors’ were getting washed out of the financial marketing space… he saw the need for an agency that only specialized in marketing in the complex, scrutinized, ‘full of compliance’ financial space.

Selling products and services in the financial space is not like peddling dog food.

Knowing how a customer thinks to invest their money is much, much different than what they’ll feed Fido this evening.

Suite Financial ("Suite Fin") knows how to do that vs. the big-time, expensive, bloated agencies who try and treat your financial company the same as PetSmart.

You’re different.

You need a marketing firm that’s different and specialized in this financial stuff.

Follow Joe on Twitter for his thoughts and ideas.

Was an accountant, but stunk at it. Started his financial marketing biz in 2016 with his first client coming from a letter he sent with a $2 bill attached.

4 kids & married to his wife, Sam, for 12 years.

Golfing, traveling, concerts with wife, trying new restaurants, playing guitar & bass, exploring with wife and kids.

Tried to build a sensor product for a car company. Cold-called a VP at a large car company & he laughed at me to say "If we like it, we'll just steal it." Had a popular, niche podcast in business, that ultimately collapsed. Built an app for couples to meet other couples for friendships. 100+ people. No one liked it. First clients I had when I quit my job in 2016 fired me within 3 months. Great news with a newborn and a wife who just quit her job to stay at home. Sorry hun!

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Our work is turned in ON TIME or you don't pay us another dime for the project.

The marketing industry is riddled with acceptance’ that late work is normal. Even big-time, famous agencies get away with it.

That’s not how Suite Fin does business.

From our Founder down… everyone is expected to do what they say they will do.

forThat’s what your customers expect from you… and in the financial space, that’s dang important.  It’s important to us to follow suit.

Contact Suite Financial now. We read every email.

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How much do you charge?

Every project is different.

"Lame answer." 

It really is tricky as every project has different pieces to it. If we just gave you Box 1, 2 or 3 to pick from, you could end up overpaying for things you don't even need.

However, you will know all your costs upfront (- ad costs), so you're not being billed up the butt like a lawyer does.

Here's what you can expect: 

1. Initial call to discuss where & why customers aren't buying

2. A gameplan to figure out what make sense. No, we don't shove stuff down your throat. The size of your business depends on how many projects to take on at once.

3. We discuss terms and pricing.

4. You're guaranteed on-time delivery of first draft else you don't pay the remaining balance on that specific project.

Minimum project: $3,000

What does “Financial Marketing” entail?

It's working with businesses in the financial services sector, a fintech company, or a financial publisher.

The goal being to acquire more users, more subscribers, more capital.

Our ideal client already has an established business and investing in marketing.

If you're a one-person shop, we're not going to be a fit for you as those are a pain to work with.

Do you understand compliance for my business?  

Each financial business has a different level of compliance. A bank will have far more regulations on marketing than a financial publisher.

We adapt to each business.

If you have an in-house compliance department, we can work with them. It's not always fun and there are some heated exchanges, but it gets done.

If you do not have an in-house compliance department and instead have to send creative externally to FINRA or a similar government branch, then I'll get the coffee going for that waiting game.

How much AI or ChatGPT do you use with your work?  

ChatGPT is huge for the creative process today. Can it write great copy? Not really. However, it is great for coming up with ideas or improvements. Meaning, we could take an email we write for you, put it into ChatGPT to generate ideas on how to improve it. You'll be glad we did as we can also come up with multiple variations quickly.

When you receive work, you can rest easy that our best team members are turning in real work with the help of the latest technology. It's a win for you and us too. (as fleshing out the big idea of a creative is the most important piece)